5 Aug 2019

Your breastfeeding journey and childcare

Just because you have returned to work does not mean you have to put an end to your breastfeeding journey. 

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, Lifelong Learning Centres are proud to share the story of one of our outstanding Assisting Educators, Alexandra Evans. This young mother walked into Tadpoles Early Learning Cashmere in Queensland looking to put her daughter Mila into care so she could return to work. Eager and interested in a career in early childhood, but concerned about having to end her breastfeeding journey, she asked Centre Manager Sarah Burgess about what it takes to join the industry and how her team helps young mothers continue to breastfeed. 

It was then that Sarah saw an excellent opportunity to not only add to her staff of passionate educators, but also to create a warm and inviting space for women to continue their breastfeeding journey within the Cashmere centre. Sarah offered Alexandra a placement within the team and welcomed her to continue breastfeeding Mila while on staff.

Alexandra now works flexible hours, starting around 8am in the morning and finishing by 4:30 four days a week in the Nursery Room where she is able to take care of her daughter Mila, along with other babies enrolled at the centre.

“I am offered constant support from my team to be with Mila, and have been given this amazing opportunity to continue my breastfeeding journey with her,” Alexandra says.

“I am so lucky to work with another educator who has already been on this journey and we are able to work together to make other parents feel comfortable when their babies start attending our centre.”

“When we see a new mother come to our centre we reassure them that if they want to continue breastfeeding, they have our support. They can either store their expressed milk here at the centre for their child, or they are welcome to visit as many times as they need to feed throughout the day,” she says. 

“I heard of so many women feeling uncomfortable and judged feeding their babies once they returned to work and put their child in care, with some even having to feed in the car. I make sure our mothers feel welcome to feed at the centre at all times.”

Alexandra says above all she values the opportunity she has been given to support other mothers to continue their breastfeeding journey even when they go back to work, as well as her chance to shine in her career alongside her daughter’s care.

All Lifelong Learning Centres are proudly breastfeeding-friendly, providing parents with support for the choices they make in feeding their babies. Other feeding options including formula and stored breastmilk are equally supported, ensuring that a baby's early years in child care are nurturing, supportive and customised to their own family's choices. Find out more about our Nursery program here. 

To discuss child care for your baby, call our friendly family support team on 1800 CHILDCARE, or find a centre near you and book your family tour today.

4 Aug 2020

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3 Aug 2020

Early Learning Matters

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14 Jul 2020

Supporting families in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated 14 July 2020: Across Australia, our child care centres remain open and operating in line with our COVID-19 Step Down Plan and have implemented extensive health and hygiene practices.